Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wattpad Read My Story Contest


-RianeEFisher - Van Helsing
-tjgarrett - Call of the Crown
-Hummingbird212 - Scythe
-HardeeBurger - C.A.R.O.L.I.N
-H4Y13Y - Heir of the Dragon
-DL Stewart - Everbloom
-icallringbearer - The Story of a Bird and a Spider
-xlhasax - For the Clairvoyant Alone

Finalist's stories will be read and voted on. Three will be picked as winners.

So I get a lot of people asking me if I can read their stories. Sadly I can't say yes to everyone, or I would read all day and nothing else and I need to do other things occasionally, like eat.

But I feel crappy when I have to turn you guys down, which is why I have the "Read My Story Contest" every month. Without further adieu....

Contest Rules

How do you enter? It's simple:

1.) Follow the blog. A lot of you already are, so you can skip that step if that's the case. If not, make sure you follow because anonymous comments aren't allowed. You should be able to sign up with your email.

2.) In the comments section underneath this post, write the name of your story, a short description of what it's about, and your wattpad username. DON'T forget your username or I may not be able to find your story! And then I'd be sad.

3.) The contest doesn't end until Friday, May 3rd. You have lots of time to think up a cool sounding description to your story.

How It Works:

-On or after Friday, May 3rd, I'll be picking EIGHT winners out of the comments, based on what stories I think sound the most interesting.

-I will read and vote on the first two chapters (or six pages, whichever comes first).

-Out of the eight I will pick THREE winners.

Prize Winners:

-Prize winners get a critique on their story (if they want one).

-I will be reading, voting and commenting.

-A message about the winners goes out to all followers/fans.

-The winner's will be featured on my profile, along with links to their profiles.


Can I enter my fanfic/poem/short story?

Yes, anything goes.

Can I enter something that isn't finished yet?


Why eight winners? Isn't that kind of a weird number?

Yes, because ten was too many and five isn't enough. I'm weird like that.

My story isn't as good as some other people's, how can I win?

Story choices will not be based on grammar or spelling. Points for creative plot ideas, interesting characters and an intriguing beginning.

Leave your entry in the comments, and please let me know if you've got any questions. Good luck!


  1. Hey Erin! I just followed you, so here's my entry:

    Author: xlhasax

    Title of story: "For The Clairvoyant Alone"


    Kaela doesn't think being psychic is a gift; on the contrary, she feels it is a curse. Just by a glance, she's able to predict the day anyone will die. She can see into anyone's past. Anyone, that is, until she meets Sam, an enigmatic boy who doesn't seem to have a death date.

    No matter how hard she tries not to, Kaela finds herself becoming closer and closer to Sam. As she deals with the constant pressure that comes with her 'gift,' and trying to stay afloat under the watch of an abusive landlord, Kaela's secret begins to spread. Soon, she realizes that some matters should be left for the clairvoyant alone.

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration, I'm really enjoying "Frost" so far,

  2. Miss Latimer, I freaking love your stories to death, and I admire that you do contests like this for your fans. Just wanted to put that out there.

    My Wattpad username is 'icallringbearer,' and I've been a fan of you since the beginning of my incredible Wattpad adventure.

    I have an Avengers fan fiction called "The Story of a Bird and a Spider." It's about the two superheroes, Black Widow and Hawkeye, before the Avengers Initiative of 2012-- so, when they were in Budapest. It started with Hawkeye having a mission to assassinate Black Widow, but it has a turn of events. On Wattpad, my description is, "Agent Barton was sent to kill me. He made a different call." It's a special plot-setting quote Black Widow said in the movie. TSBS isn't really a romance novel, although the two of them definitely have chemistry... More of an action, suspense, drama story, and it's been a blast writing it. I've been much more successful with it than I ever imagined possible.

    Oh dear, here I go with my rambling again. Thank you, though, for this opportunity: I'd be honored if you read my silly little fan fiction. :)

  3. Lunar Eclipse the Great Sadness. this is my extension of after Twilight. Aro sends Jane to "check" on the two newest Cullens...Bella and Nessie. What results is chaos. all I'm gona reveal is Nessie and Jacob have a sad good bye...thanx for considering my story. this is my first attempt at writing something so serious and honest. i have been working on this story for awhile now, it IS ongoing and i hope to finish it. I'm doing ALL this writing from. my little net 10 android thank u for your time. I'm a huge fan..dr_king.

  4. Hello there Miss Erin ^-^ I'm really excited for this. My username is: DLStewart (hurrah) and the title is "Everbloom", book one in the Flowers series.

    Everbloom is the tale of five sisters each bound by a prophecy which has rung true - thus endangering their lives, everyone they know and the two worlds: Feyworld and Humanworld.

    They develop powers that far exceed the boundaries of even the most fey, one of them even having a power over death, life and illness. It is a test of survival, of endurance, magic, betrayal and family. When the High Court of Fey are after them and an entire world calls for their blood, pressure runs high and tension runs in their veins.

    Can their indestructible bond endure what the future threatens - even if that means obliteration of everything they knew and loved?

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  8. My Wattpad username is H4Y13Y.
    I'd love to enter my story 'Heir of the Dragon'!

    Childhood ghost stories tell tales of monsters so horrifying that the mere sight of them could poison your very soul.

    Ellany was raised in a shielded place; fed lies since before she could walk. When beasts that should have only existed in her nightmares rip her from everything she holds dear, her will to continue is shattered. She tells herself she is prepared to die there on the forest floor. Yet, in her deepest state of darkness, she is saved by someone who deems her worthy of something she doesn't quite understand. Something so much bigger than her own misfortunes that she begins to fear it.

    Taken from the one person she can truly trust, she is forced to face her enemies, and her inner monster, alone. The darkness continues to advance and more are falling victim to their own demons. The line between humanity and beast is thinning. She must prevail or all is lost.

    P.S. I love your disgruntled sheep. His face makes me smile every time I happen to be stalking your profile. I mean, what? I don't stalk you....0_0

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  11. Hi EL! Me and Smushy got together, an' we figgered that you'd like to preview C.A.R.O.L.I.N. So, Thanks a bunch!

    C.A.R.O.L.I.N. by HardeeBurger

    "I am here! I am here! I am here!"
    When Pandora’s Box released the evils upon the world, Hope remained. Zeus gave Pandora Hope because he thought it would prolong Man’s torment to Sin.
    "Who am I? Where am I?"
    But Zeus was wrong. No Deadly Sin will ever triumph over the person who has Hope.
    “Why am I here?"
    Saint Paul wrote that if we have Hope in our lives and Faith in our God, we need not ever despair.
    "What am I doing?"
    With Hope, we can all aspire to greatness. Without it, we are nothing.
    And nobody wants to be nothing.
    "I want to know why I’m doing this."
    Here begins the tale of C.A.R.O.L.I.N.
    She has no heart, she has no body - she's nothing but billions upon trillions of ones and zeroes, constantly in flux, constantly changing.
    "Why is there no response?"
    Constantly evolving.
    "Help me!"
    Of all the people in the world, C.A.R.O.L.I.N. has but a single friend.
    "I want you. I love you. I need you. I love you."
    And the rest? They see her as she is. A computer program. A tool.
    They just want to use her.
    "And if I resist them? Well, they'll just kill me again, and stuff my soul into another metal box; another weapons system. They'll just rip off my head and screw with my brains, and see if that makes me into a psychotic killing machine."
    "And do you know what will happen, my love? Do you know what they’ll do? One day, they'll succeed. One day, they'll make me want to kill every last one of them. Yes! Yes! Give me a gun, a grenade, a missile, a bomb! Give me everything I need to blow your goddamned world to hell!"
    C.A.R.O.L.I.N. gasped at the horror of her words.
    "Oh my God, my love! Please don’t let that happen to me!"
    "We mustn’t let that happen."
    “Save me.”

  12. Oh, and sorry about all the goobers I left on your pretty blog. Honestly, I have to edit my tweets.
    If I twitted. Which I don't.
    Thank God.

  13. Hey thanks for doing the competition it means a lot.
    DESCRIPTION:Onyx is a shadow wielder.People are out to kill her.Only her friend Jasper knows.Her relationship with her parents is going downhill fast.In order to find out why the Blackhearts (Evil weirdos who kill everything) and a whole bunch of other nasty creatures are after her she must travel to the darkest place known.The Shadowland

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  15. Hi elatimer, its great that you are taking the time to help new writers.


    I'm seventeen year old Jamia, I live with my adopted father.
    My birth parents was killed in a freak accident when I was younger.
    A nice couple adopted me and everything was great until my adopted mother was found murdered.

    The beatings started soon after. Good thing I heal unusually fast.
    After she died my adopted father acted as if he hated me.

    Today was no different, I felt his hatred of me with each hit I received from him.
    Sneaking to the bathroom to take care of my swelling, I overhear my adopted father talking to one of his strange friends.

    What I hear has me forgetting my beating from earlier and rushing back to my room. I have to figure out what to do.
    When I hear my so called father leave, I hear his plan coming up the stairs.
    I run.

    Who knew I would run into a world of witches, vampires,werewolves, and demons
    Who will help me?

    My wattpad name is suthrnbeauty

    Again thank you.

  16. Hello! I want to say that I agree with all of the people that comment above in saying that your stories are amazing! I've been following you since the middle of Frost (on a different account that doesn't exist anymore!) Anywhoo, on Wattpad my name is "GraclynHeights" and my story is Clockwork Heart. The summary is as follows: Emmaline Greyshire Spade is loving her counter-conventional life of steam power and brass, until her parents and five sisters gang up to change her life. Forced into an engagement with a sleazy man twice her age, Emmaline must get away. Events rise up just as she prepares to leave, but soon enough she is thrust into the world she never prepared for. Faced with choice that could alter her life forever, what will Emmaline do?

    Thank you!

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  18. Hey there! I figured i would write this in a easy to find way!! Here ya go!

    Username: Abigail_Grimm
    Story name: Elemented (Book 1 of the Elemented Saga)
    Complete?: YES :{D
    Summary: Dakoda Leann Harper is sixteen years old and lives with her father in New York City. Well...currently. Dakoda's father had a tendency to make them pack up quickly and move with no explanation has to why. When they moved to NYC, Koda thought that was over. She thought wrong. After being followed back to her apartment by a strange guy, Derrick Harper packs up the father-daughter duo and moves farther south than Dakoda's been before, Oklahoma. But things don't seem so bad in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma; they actually had a huge house, and instantly two new friends: Patricia (Loki) Haven and Tanner Brath.
    But things aren't always as they seem. After being attacked by a wolf in her back yard, Dakoda's life is turned upside down as she learns new things and find people she thought was lost forever to her. Honestly? There's only one thing Dakoda's can keep thinking about though.
    She has to save the world.

  19. Hi Erin,
    I love reading your stories, they inspire me to write as much as I can. Pretty much like everyone else who has commented here, I would like a bit more attention because I believe that my stories deserve it. Sorry, that sounded really arrogant and self-centered, I didn't mean to sound like that :/. Anyway onto the story.

    Username: Stormysirens
    Title: One Last Story
    Blurby-thing/summary: Jason is going through a tough time and when all hope really is lost, he finds solace and strength in the strangest of places. This is a short, like really short story and it sounds really cliched but it's not so yeah.....

    Hope you read it and hope you like it if you do :)


  20. Hi there!
    Title: The True Writings of Phoenix Lovely
    Status: In-progress
    Thing where the summary goes: "Please, take care of me. My name is Phoenix."
    Phoenix always knew something was wrong with her, and she loved it. She never wished to be anyone...or anything else.

    I know, the summary sounds kind of crappy, but I don't want to give too much away. Thank you for having this contest for writers like us. Your Weaver series inspired my to work with the fantasy genre and I hope you like what I've written. Thanks again!

  21. Hey!
    Username: Speedy99
    Title: Cracks
    short description: The Cracks. It only took one event, one that took less than an hour, to change the world.
    It all started with a violent shaking, then the earth started to shift and hue cracks formed throughout the world. It was a doomsday and it wasn't like people had expected. There had been no warning, and almost no survivors.
    Kadence was fifteen when the event happened. She lost her family-except for her little niece Nadilynn, but Nadilynn was only four. Kadence's town makes it clear, no one is wanted. She has to set out on her own and five years later she is somehow still around.
    She has stayed on the outskirts of her town but when they find her and force her away she id forced to set out in a new world. Bandits are everywhere willing to take anything. Wild animals are no longer hiding from humans-they will attack, and there is the abysses and the ever looming fear of another shake.
    When Kadence hears of a safe zone she decides it is the only option-if she can find it.

  22. Hi there! Thanks for having contests like this xD I think it's really cool
    Anyways, my username is 'walktrek'
    The story's name is Kailin, and here is a description (:
    During the long and woeful war between the Kailin and Grimmer, one young woman learns the true powers of her heritage and the test between friendship, partnership, and battle. She is determined to discover her life whether with tooth or blade, and will fight for her families- no matter what they may be. Edit

  23. Story title: Scythe
    Sethos is an Elf of possibly the lowest status. forced to kill or capture the corrupted elves known as Verandi, his 100 years of life on the sacred island of Elves has been the same. until a young human girl arrives with a request to the ruler that sends him past Elven borders and into the human lands.
    Username: Hummingbird212

    LOL i'm not very good at making things sound exciting XD

  24. Username:haileycolt
    Title: Lesson Learned
    Short description: Cindy couldn't have been any different from her peers. She was quiet and loved school until she entered high school. Cindy being recognized for good grades becomes a target for the school to torment. When she gets asked to prom by a football jock Cindy thinks things are finally getting better but she couldn't have been more wrong. Will she be able to teach them the lesson they haven't learned yet?

  25. Username: tjgarrett
    Title: The Call of the Crown-part one of The Dragon Oracles

    Classic fantasy adventure in the style of Robert Jordan and J.R.R. Tolkien..

    An old evil has returned.
    Only a chance encounter by a group of unlikely friends could give a hint of the coming storm. Can they puzzle through toward the truth? Will anyone believe them if they do?

    "Son, if you are capable of great deeds, then for greatness you must strive; for where would we be if such men sat idle?"

  26. Hey my name is gypsygirl19 and the story I'm entering is titled: My Fishy Boyfriend

    Melodi Manghorn has always been somewhat alone. Living with only her father, who doesn't respect her even the slightest and with Melodi's mother been gone ever since she could remember. She still is happy with her life knowing that she has Grover Winslo, a best friend she's kept since junior high. One day, Melodi thinks it's just a normal afternoon when she goes to meet Grover but she soon runs into a striking new boy and is strangely drawn to him. Then after finding a childhood cave, she has a vision about a strange occurrence in the ocean. She soon realizes that it wasn't just a delusion but memory. Melodi recalls probably one of the strangest things she had ever seen, a merboy. But will this recollection lead her into danger or something she never thought she would be right in the middle of? Will she find out more about her past then she could ever know?

    Thank you for your consideration :)

  27. Good morning

    Legends from the Warlocks Chair - Book One - Ravengaard.

    The Warlocks Chair.
    A place of magic and adventure.

    Long ago when the world was young the Faerie races had ruled far and wide across the lands of the Earth.

    Then with the coming of Man, they disappeared into myth and legend. But they had survived, hidden away in the secret places known only to a very few humans.

    But an ancient prediction told that there would come a day when the evil known as Ravengaard would return to seek revenge on those who had imprisoned him. And that once again the Faerie Folk would be forced to come out of hiding and face their old nemesis.

    The prophesy also foretold of three children who’s lives would become forever intertwined with that of the Faerie Folk. They would appear in their time of need.

    That time is now…

  28. Hi, I think the comment I sent didn't get posted, so I'll try again, hoping that I'm not late for the contest.

    My username on Wattpad is also EHernandez and my story is "Nora: finding a secret"

    "That's when my eyes opened and I hoped they would have stayed closed..."

    Nora is a nosy 10-year-old who lives in the sunny California with her German grandmother. She has been her guardian since the death of her parents. Nora knows that when the time comes and with her nana's aid she will become something special. She doesn't know what yet, but is eager to learn everything there is to know about it.

    But what happens when everything changes in a second? When doors explode into million pieces... Just like her peaceful life?

    Thanks in advance for your consideration ;)

  29. Hi Erin! So sweet of you to have this awesome contest! I'll be entering next month, if I ever finish mine. Cheers! :)

  30. Hi!! So this is my entry! I have been working hard on it all week and hope I'm not too late to enter.


    Vanessa Van Helsing isn't your average teenager. She is the descendent of THE Van Helsing. She is training to be a vampire hunter like her family. Other than that her life is pretty normal. Go to hunting school. Hang out with her best friend Alice and her crappy but popular boyfriend, Aryan. That is until the new guy walks into class, Caleb, and turns her work upside down. After that her boyfriend starts acting strange and possessive, attempting to keep her from hunting and away from Caleb and Alice. What's a girl to do when faced with stupid relationship problems, a hot new guy, and an homework to boot? Go kill some stuff of course.

    Thanks for the possible consideration.

  31. Hello~

    Username: The_Wanted

    Title: The Black Rose Fragrance

    It's kind of a fantasy/mystery collaboration!

    He stared down at the dried up corpse through his mask. His face hidden from public view. The corpse face looked odd in a deformed way, barely recognizable. The body was dry like a raisin. On its shoulder a deep gash wound was open; blood was spilled on the outer skin but dried after for some days. Inside the deep wound he could see there was no blood. The victim was polished off; there was no blood inside the corpse, not one drop. Jenovin stood over the corpse, someone had reported to the police station of a dead body. A young boy no more than a teen found the corpse in the back alley. The victim was male, Jenovin couldn’t tell what age because of the way the corpse looked wrinkled up as if sucked dried. He estimated the male to be around his early 20’s. Around him, his team worked over in securing the area, snapping pictures, taking any evidence that was left behind. It was an odd death; Jenovin never came upon anything like this before. He brushes aside his shoulder length silver hair, when it slid over his shoulder. He forgot to tie his hair back today. Jenovin watched carefully with his red eyes. Being tall, he didn’t need to ask anyone to move aside so he could watch as they lifted the dead body and stuffing it into the huge black bag.

    I really suck at summaries and previews! So i put a part of my story!

    Thank you for the non-existant considersation. ~

    1. It's a world full of Royails( high class race) scarce humans, and a mystery that brings Royail Jenovin and human Moonique together to solve a mystery that leads to a whole new scary discovery!