Review Policy

Angry cat says, "You ignore guidelines, we ignore email."

Review Policy

The Muse's Library will review traditionally published, indie and self-published novels. I ask that you contact me by email first with a description of your novel, and I will decide if I'm going to review it or not. In the event that I cannot finish your novel, I will not review it, since I believe you cannot form a proper opinion based on the first few pages. I will not give advice on novels/manuscripts, if I decline to review your novel after reading it, I am not obliged to state reasons beyond lack of interest.

Reviews will be professional and concise. I expect the same courtesy of professionalism from authors, regardless of the conclusion of the review.

Format: I do not accept e-books in any shape or form. ARC/paper copy only.

Timeline: I do not take deadline requests. Reviews will be posted when they are posted.

Rating System: Books will be rated from 1-10

Books I'll Read: Fantasy, Paranormal, Steampunk, Young Adult, Graphic Novels.

Books I Won't Read: Everything else.

Contact: Please email me at to request a review. Be sure to include your name, information about how you published (traditional, self or indie) and a summary of your book.