Saturday, 17 March 2012

Agented at Last

Yes, it's official. I am now represented by Jason Yarn of Paradigm Talent Agency. I have emerged from query hell (and relatively unscathed, I think). I woke up one sunny March morning at eight o'clock and checked my email, which has become a habit so compulsive it's bordering on addiction, and lo and behold - an email from Jason Yarn of Paradigm saying that he'd finished Lord Machina and liked it very much, and asking if he could call to talk about the manuscript! Needless to say I screamed and flailed, waking up my poor confused husband, and then ran to the computer to send a reply. No sooner had I hit send, then my phone began to ring (the ring tone being the Imperial March, might I add) and underneath the number the call display screamed NEW YORK at me.

  "Oh Lordy!" said I, "New York!" (That's how we country bumpkins talk). I picked up the phone and tried my absolute hardest to sound normal, and not like a screaming crazy person. We had a lovely conversation (I believe it was lovely. I felt a bit dazed) and to make a long, over dramatic story short, he offered representation! I had to wait a week to say yes, since several other agents needed to be notified so they could finish reading, and I also happened to be in Mexico that week with no access to computers unless you paid for them. So I couldn't check my email obsessively, which was a good thing (but frustrating all the same).

 Most of them passed, one said she'd consider offering if it was longer, but Jason was the first choice anyways, and after the week was up I happily accepted his offer. (Above, you can see me being an absolute dork and signing the contract with a feather pen). I then made my husband take me out for a "celebratory brownie". It's true, I don't need an excuse for a brownie (EVERY brownie is a celebratory one) but I've been planning this for sometime, obviously.....

                                             Brownie of Celebration


  1. Congrats Erin! I love reading other writer´s success stories, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and hopeful for the future! And I love the feather pen ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I was saving the feather pen specifically for that (haha, such a dork). I love the warm and fuzzies, I still like going to writer blogs and reading about their virtual happy dances when an agent calls, lol. I'm sure I'll be reading your agent entry sometime soon! :)

  2. It's not just the football players that get to have a glory dance. That must have felt great. Wish you more.