Thursday, 11 April 2013

Book Review: Wombat Sushi

How to make Wombat Sushi: 
1. Take six Australian dancers and one singer who can’t seem to get along. 
2. Add a pinch of stupidity, a dash of naïvety and loads and loads of alcohol. 
3. Make sure the mixture contains absolutely no self-restraint. 
4. Pour into a Japanese club and simmer for three months. 
Caution: Definitely contains nuts!

What I Liked About it: 

This story was really fun. The characters were lovable and constantly getting in trouble. The situations (a bunch of Australian dancers getting thrown into constant messes in Japan) were very funny, and I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit. And for the moments I wasn't laughing there was usually a big grin on my face while I was reading.

What I Didn't Like About it:

The writing is in need of contractions. The problem isn't constant enough to take away from the plot or characters but it occasionally made me stumble and it felt clunky every now and again. Occasionally the humor is a bit of a stretch (talking brain cells did me in) not because the original joke was bad, but because it's carried on for too long.

In Conclusion:

I give Wombat Sushi a 6 out of 10 and would recommend this to anyone looking for a light-hearted, fun read. This book pretty much guarantees a laugh. 

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