Saturday, 11 May 2013

Interview With Author, Kevin Weinberg

We have a very special guest here at the Muse's Library today! Wattpad superstar and soon to be published author, Kevin! You can find him chatting with fans and writing free stories for them HERE.

Kevin recently had some VERY exciting news to share with his loyal readers, and during the interview I attempted to pry all the information out of him.

 Big news! Tell us how you got published! 

Drowning Man discovered me after one of the editors found my book on Wattpad. Since then, I've been editing hardcore to try to make the May 14th release. Going well so far!

How and why did you start writing?

I've wanted to write books for years upon years. But it was only after, one day, for no explainable reason, that I began writing. I opened up a word processor after discovering the Wattpad website, and I began to type … what followed was the completion of my first book just two and a half weeks later.

So what's your favorite thing about writing? And your least favorite thing too.

My favorite thing about writing is just that—writing. My least favorite thing? Editing! Nothing takes the smile off my face faster than a series of grueling line-edits or chapter rewrites.

I know you'll hate me for it, but...have you ever cried over a scene in your writing?

Bah! I can’t believe I have to answer this question too. Okay, so, the answer to this is question is that I … might have gotten a little teary-eyed over one or two things I've put down over the time I've been writing. The keyword here is MIGHT. Doesn't mean I have!

What main character do you most identify with?

To be perfectly honest, I actually don’t identify with any of my characters. It’s because I find myself so boring and them so interesting—I wouldn't want to write myself in as a character.

Have you ever actually lived any of the events in your book?

Yeah, a few. I went to a summer camp a few times when I was a kid, and I hated it just as much as Jack hates it.

Do you find inspiration comes hard or easily?

Easily. Getting inspiration to write is as simple as looking out of my window. Where I primarily find difficulty is in the editing stages.

What's your biggest hang up when it comes to writing?

“Adverbs following dialogue,” I answered carefully.
“I really don’t like them,” I stated purposefully.

And what was your inspiration for the book?

For the P.I.E. series my inspiration has always been the anime Full Metal Panic and the way it juxtaposes the lighthearted with the serious.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this. A little sneak peak into his mind is always beneficial. Lol.

    Also, Erin, I have to say, I love the questions. And you said you were bad at coming up with them, tsk tsk.