Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Contest Winners!

The Magical Hat of Magickness

Okay wattpaders, the time has come! Now I will draw the magical names from the magical hat to see who wins the magical...oh, you know what I mean.

Imagine me shaking the hat like a lunatic, to make sure all the little papers are properly jumbled in a chaotic mess, so the top papers go to the bottom and the bottom go to the top and it's all just a flurry of insanity! Now I carefully reach into the hat, groping around like a blind man in the dark, or just...a blind man.

My fingers close around a scrap of paper, I pull it out with bated breath:

First Place Winner: lee_f79!!!!

Congrats Lee! On to the next winner. Another careful shuffle of papers, and I pluck a second scrap from the hat...

Second Place Winner: Esther N

Yay Esther! . Again I dip back into the magical hat, shoving the magic dust and white rabbits aside, scrounging for that third place paper...

Third Place Winner: ColetteSea

Congrats ColetteSea! I hold it up to show the cat. She is unimpressed.

Now, I will be also be announcing the winners on wattpad later. In case people don't get their butts over here. Winners, please message me. First place winner decides if they want the bracelet or the cameo, and we'll go from there. Congratulations winners! Everyone else, better luck next time, thanks for entering the draw. I promise there will be other contests in the near future with new cool prizes to come out of the magic hat.


  1. That was very cute way to do it but you should have had the magical cat draw the winners. I stood a better chance of winning. LOL

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  3. Is it possible we message on Wattpad here is my account http://www.wattpad.com/user/EpicSugarFox I will also send you a message. thank you